Application Fields

  • Pharmaceutical field

  • Pesticide field

  • Aerospace accelerant

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球探体育比分苹果版:Shandong Jincheng Pharmaceutical & Chemical Co., Ltd.

球探比分即时足球比分捷报手机 Shandong Jincheng Pharmaceutical & Chemical Co., Ltd. (Hereafter named as "JINCHENG PHARM", Stock code: 300233) was established in 2004 and successful launched in Shenzhen GEM Board on June, 2011. The company is honored as National High-New Technology Enterprise. It has three whole owned subsidiary companies--Shandong Jincheng Kerui Chemical Co.,Ltd., Shandong Huihai Pharmaceutical and Chemical Co.,Ltd., Shandong Jincheng Zhonghua Bio-Pharmaceutical Co.,Ltd. and four production bases

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